The Sessions

Over The Years I Have Worked with and For

Danilo Perez (multi award winning latin pianist), Terry Brown (Rush, Dream Theater and too many to list), Motely Crue, Celine Dion, Skid Row, New Edition, Ralph Tresvant, Montell Jordan, Crystal Nicole (Grammy award winning song writer for Rihanna, Beyonce and more) Sunny Choi (top charting instrumental pianist), Bori Afolabi (top charting christian rock artist), Natalie Diluccio (top charting world music artist who resigns in India), Big Brother india, Robi Botos (pianist for Al Jarreau and many more), Paul DeLong (David Clayton Thomas, Kim mitchell’s former drummer and many more), Marito Marques (Rhani Karija, Anna Maria Jopek, Yami and more), Karen Andrew (up and coming roots artist), Alessia Cohle (up and coming country artist), Steve Rivers (award winning and radio charting country artist), VXCO, TD Bank, Bapi Lahiri (multi award winning and top charting Indian artist), The Music Library, Breanne Arrigo (god made me funky and many other soul groups in Seattle), Katy Francis (young up and coming country artist), Chris Hall (award winning producer), SK, Roberto Occhipinti (bass player for Allan Jackson, Nelly Furtado and many more), Memo Acevedo (percussionist for Tito Puente), John Capek (multi award winning producer, cocktail movie sound track the perfect storm sound track), Ms. David (up and coming r&b artist), Alana Bridgewaters (power house r&b artist), George Lynch, Revolver (former singer of Slik toxic), Howie Silverman (Dizzy Gilliespie, Moe Koffman and many more), S-Davis (top charting r&b artist), Joe Mavity (top charting artist, Marian Faithful), M6L (up and coming rock band), Marshal Dane (radio charting artist), and many more

E Session flyer

Do you have a song that is missing the spark that you hear on the radio?

The E session Studios offers the very best in session musicians. We have played on over 800 sessions from pop, country, jazz, r&b and more.
The best part, is that you don’t even have to leave your house. You simply book a Skype call and we start tracking. You sit in through the session as if you were right beside us. Whether you are in Canada, USA, England, India or anywhere else in the world. You can now be in the studio with us with a click of a button.

The Treatment and How I Serve A Song.

As a session musician, my job is to simply add another dimension to your music.
Most of the songs that I play on sound great already. The only thing that’s missing is the “fantasy world” that you hear in songs on the radio. What is the “fantasy world”?
These are layers that make a song sound big, punchy, driving, smooth, layered, produced, exciting and all these things make the song sound completed.

What Does It Take To Create These Layers?

The ability to hear layers and finding spaces that need to be served and not just filled in!
Understanding tone and textures that will give the song a completed feel.
No matter what kind of music it is, you can always make things sound bigger and better. Over the years I accumulated over 40 guitars and many different amps that make my job easier and therefore saves you studio time and that equals MONEY.


Here is a great session I got to play on. Steve Rivers “I Do”.


Alessia Cohle’s “Chain it up”

This is a great rock song I played on for an artist in Germany.

Groove and Pentatonic lesson.

Live solo with the band Soul Patch

With Karen Andrew March 26th