LIFE AFTER GUITAR is the motto for Toronto based, guitarist, virtuoso DORON ZOR.

With a Master’s Degree in Music and guitar ranging talent including pop, rock, jazz, blues, country and classical, Zor has worked with, and for Celine Dion, Mötley Crüe and Roberto Occhipint to name a few.

Recently chosen by D’addario with PRS Guitars as “Video Guitar Clinician of The Month” Zor’s first book, “Making Music, The Guitar Series, Level 1,” was released in 2010. His many endorsements from PRS, Godin, Larrivee and Sundlof guitars, plus D’addario strings, Xotic pedals, TUL microphones, and DZB pedals & cables has elevated his status as a serious player, producer and owner of Big Bang Studio. With over 800 sessions under his belt, Zor conducts sessions and electronic guitar sessions for artists world wide and takes music to award winning levels.

ALL YOU (Rubber Duckie) is a call from The South, where Zor effortlessly combines chicken picking with his southern base pentatonic licks, creating timbre variances which are as, ear appealing as it is inspiring.

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I am proud to announce that I am using the all new D’addario NYXL strings

After trying countless brands, gauges, coated/none coated, nickel, steel and whatever kinds of strings available out there. I finally found my sound! It starts and ends with the all new NYXL by D’addario. I will be working closely with D’addario on a short store demo tour, in late September 2014.

July 2014

Steve River’s Country/Singer-songwriter  recording session.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with this great country artist on his new album. Today was the very first day of recording and we just a had blast at Revolution studios, with a very inspiring producer by the name of Dan Brodbeck. This album has everything a country listener could ever ask for! I am honord to be apart of such a great project and with such wonderful musicians.

May 2014

April 2014

M6L Sessions.

I must say this week has been extremely exciting for me. I got to work with talented young musicians that really knew what they are going for! M6L understands what they want to sound like and what they need to sound like in order to create their dream record.
I produced, engineered and played on the entire record.
M6L is a real classic rock band who draws influences from rock legends with their own modern approach.


March 2014

Soul Patch Live

With Soul Patch at the Grand Chalet.
I absolutely love playing with this group of incredible musicians and I look forward to future shows.

February 2014

Karen Andrew Guitar Session

Once again I have the pleasure of working with Karen Andrew. This time we are working at my studio www.bigbangstudio.ca This album will feature the incredible Marito Marques and Yash Presswalla. Karen and I worked hard on creating an album that is full of grooves and melodies that are as unique as she is. I look forward to sharing this album with you all.

January 2014

Alessia’s Guitar Session

Tracking acoustic guitars today for Alessia’s EP

December 2014

An Intimate Evening with Karen Andrew

Tonight’s gig is an intimate evening with Karen Andrew’s Band. Live recording at the Randulph theatre

December 2013

Rehearsal with Karen Andrew

In the studio rehearsing for Karen Andrew’s intimate concert, with Marito Marques and Yash presswalla. It is always a humbling experience playing with these musicians.

December 2014

Guest Artist with Soul Patch.

Country singer Alessia, joined Soul Patch for a gig and blessed the band with her talent.

November 2013

Soul Patch Live Session

Tonight’s gig is with Soul Patch. This band is full of top notch players and it is an absolute honour to be sharing stage with Dave Langguth (Former drummer of Nelly Furtado) Joel Joseph of Nelly Furtado, Paul Knight of De la funk and Yash Presswalla (an extremely in demand bass player around the Toronto scene).

September 2013

Ms. David’s Guitar Session.

Today’s session is for a talented soul r&b singer who is known as Ms. David.

September 2013

VXCO Sound Track Guitar Sessions

Today I will be tracking guitars for the sound track of VXCO. A new singing competition TV show which will take place in early 2015

August 2013
335 bend

New Live Room at Big Bang Studio

Enjoying the newly renovated live room in my studio.

July 2013

Karen Andrew’s Recording Sessions

I honoured to be playing on this great artist’s album. Karen Andrew is a powerful singer songwriter and she is recording at the beautiful Noble studios. I look forward to this session.

July 2013